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HECKADECK Replacement Card

HECKADECK Replacement Card

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You lost a card? Were you playing Rummy at the beach again? We talked about this. It's too windy, and a card can get buried in sand like *that*.

Fret not. More Lies Publishing has anticipated your needs once again and is now offering replacement cards for your HECKADECK.

Our dedicated staff of professionals will retrieve your card, complete a certificate of authenticity, and send your individually packaged replacement directly to you. Make your HECKADECK whole again. Make yourself whole again. 


When checking out, you'll see an option to "Add a note to your order". Use that to let us what card you'd like to replace. If this is left blank, you'll receive a random card, giving you a 1/163 chance of getting what you need. Feeling lucky?

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